Strategies to Repair Poor Credit Card at Cream Bank

Borrowing money from banks today is common. Individuals or business entities will certainly need the loan money to overcome financial problems that are being faced by the individual or business entity. Evidently, until now people who apply for loans to banks to purchase vehicles, homes, cash to loans with credit cards continue to increase every year.

Someone who wants to apply for a loan at a bank will usually be surveyed first by the relevant bank, including business entities. Individuals who want to apply for loans in the form of credit cards or cash funds, for example, will be examined first about the track record of credit whose data is stored at Cream Bank . If the individual is trapped in a bad credit problem, the related bank will not want to disburse the loan to that individual.


These Four Strategies You Need to Do

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Growing needs and lifestyles seem to force you to apply for a loan from the bank so that what you want can be realized. In addition, you believe you can afford to pay the credit installments every month. However, if what happens is that you can’t get a loan because of a poor track record and are on the Cream Bank black list, you can be sure you won’t get a loan from the bank.

If the problem is the black list (blacklist) you are going through, do not be too anxious for. Because conditions can be improved and you can still easily apply for another loan from the bank. Below are some strategies for fixing bad credit report cards. This strategy is knowledge that you must understand to be removed from the Cream Bank blacklist. What are they? Following the review.


1. Understanding the 5C Criteria from Cream Bank

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Cream Bank is the central bank that stores data on all debtors who are bank customers in Indonesia. The debtor’s data will be given the rating / ranking in accordance with the loan repayments. First rank for debtors who are always on time to pay their credit installments and Rank Five for debtors with bad credit reports. The bad rating will be blacklisted by Cream Bank.

The 5C Criteria in Cream Bank include Character, Capacity, Collateral, Condition, and Capital. These criteria must be owned by prospective debtors. If a prospective debtor meets these criteria, any bank will be open to provide loans.


2. Visiting Cream Bank Outlets

You can visit Cream Bank outlets at any time. Please come with the documents needed to recover a bad track record at Cream Bank. Prepare documents such as an original Resident Identity Card (KTP) as a condition for requesting an Individual Debtor Information (IDI) form.

While for business entities, include a photocopy of the business entity’s identity, a photocopy of the original identity of the management of the business entity. And IDI requests can be represented by other people who are trusted with the provisions of submitting the original power of attorney from the management to their representatives, a photocopy of the identity of the business entity, as well as the identity card of the giver and the power of attorney.


3. Take care of your Credit Card immediately

Credit Card immediately

After checking Cream Bank it turns out that your name is in the database or your business entity is also in the database, the next step is that you must immediately take care of the credit report card at the Cream Bank Info Outlet at Gedung S Lobby of Menara Sjafruddin Prawiranegara. Prospective debtors (you or a business entity) will know the position of the credit report card from the completed form. Next, you must immediately correct the report card.


4. Increase Credit Card Value to First Rank

If only your credit report card is ranked third, that means you have to pay off your debt immediately. This payment can be done by negotiating the calculation and payment period with the credit provider. Different again if you or your business entity turns out to be ranked fifth, that means you have to pay off your debt. Then within three months, your ranking will change to third.


Observe and Implement Improvement Strategies with Responsibility

Observe and Implement Improvement Strategies with Responsibility

By looking at and then implementing the strategy to improve credit report cards above, you actually will not get into trouble when you want to recover bad credit report cards. And that is a responsibility that you must fulfill. Good intentions are needed to recover and pay off your debts. The result is of course you will come out of the Cream Bank blacklist and can get the bank’s trust in obtaining a loan / credit.

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